Kazumi Yoshida


The mythic artist/designer Kazumi Yoshida is renowned for his exuberant sensibility and his originality, which are manifested in an astonishing array of creative mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, assemblage, collage, décor, interior and textile design. The work encompasses the arc of timeless tradition reborn as edgy and avant-garde figures, animals and abstractions, often suggestive of subtle influences from all of art history and from both East and West: from Delaunay paintings to Ancient Greek sculpture, from Zen brush drawings to Italian Baroque textiles. Having mastered both the fine and decorative arts, Kazumi’s work is imbued with a sensibility that revels in a universe of paradoxes: his is an insouciant yet sophisticated aesthetic that’s at once regal and fun, high-end and amusing, simple and opulent. Kazumi Yoshida, whose art is synonymous with nonpareil luxury and innovation, has been creatively associated with such exclusive firms as Clarence House, Hermes, Mikimoto, and Etro. Quoting from the opulent book about his life and work, Clarence House: The Art of the Textile, Kazumi says, “Modern luxury is about filling your life with texture, comfort and beauty.” That philosophy is reflected in every object that emerges from his studio.